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Shed Boss & Garage World are renowned for an uncompromising attitude towards professional workmanship and delivering high quality, affordable steel building designs  that fully comply with the Building Codes of Australia.

Shed Boss & Garage World Offer:

    • Commercial shedshome improvementsrural and industrialsteel building solutions
    • Custom tailored, engineered building designs
    • Complete Project Management or Kits with plans
    • Premium quality Australian made steel products
    • Professional builders and qualified tradespeople
    • Patented Morinda™ 'Glove Section Building Systems'
    • Good looking steel structures that are built to last in Australia's harshest conditions

Affordable, quality sheds with hassle free construction and timely, personalised service, contact us or apply for a FREE quote today

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ShedSafe™ accredited

Shed Boss are proudly ShedSafe™ accredited.
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